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Physics Model Projects

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2) ELECTRONIC EYE: It can fitted at your home’s door to detect.

3) IR INTRUDER ALARM: When infrared light beam is interrupted then it gives alarm.

4) WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER: It controls the water level of the overhead tank.

5) INTERCOM: (a) One way

(b)Two way with calling facility

6) DIGITAL COMBINATION CAR LOCK: The right combination will switch ‘on’ the

car ignition.

7) SELF RESSETING INTRUDER ALARM: Alarm activated for few seconds when

light beam interrupted on sensor.

8) TIMER WITH AUDIO ALARM: It gives an audio signal after the adjusted time


9) INFRARED REMOTE SWITCH: Any electrical appliance can be switch on\off with

this IR switch.

10) NOISE POLLUTION CHECKER: To check noise pollution created by vehicles or


11) VISITOR COUNTER WITH STOP WATCH: It counts up to 99.

12) TRAFFIC LIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM: An electronic system to control busy road

crossings of the cities.

13) SIX LED’S WATER LEVEL INDICATOR: Not gate IC based circuit.

14) AUTOMATIC NIGHT LAMP:A bulb glows in night automatically and goes of in

day time.

15) SMOKE DETECTOR: It senses the smoke coming out of chimney of any industry

and detect the level of smoke.

16) MIND READER: Gives your imiginatory number up to 99.

17) MICROPHONE AMPLIFIER: It picks signal direct from Mic.

18) WATER LEVEL INDICATOR:A signal LED indicator to check top level of water



20) SOLENOID: To construct the model and to study the Electrical energy generated by


21) AC GENERATOR: He conversion of mechanical to electrical energy.

22) AC MOTOR: The conversion of electrical to mechanical energy.

23)AIR CORE TRANSFORMER: To study the transfer of electrical energy from

primary to secondary in ratio proportion and to prevent eddy current losses by using

soft iron cores.

24) ELECTROMAGNET : To study the variation in the force of Elc.magnet.

25) MUTUAL INDUCTION: To prove that it induce a voltage in secondary, when the

flux is changing in primary

26) FARADAY’S LAW: Combine model of three Laws of Faraday.

27) SOLAR BATTERY: To study that Electrical energy can be produce when light beam

falls on it.

28) NEEDLE GALVANOMETER: To construct and study the working of Moving

Magnetized needle.

29) CAPACITOR CHARGE OSCILLATOR: To study the Capacitor’s charging and


30) CAPACITOR SERIES\PARALLEL: To study the charge and discharge time of

capacitors under series and parallel mode.

31) SOUND BATTERY: To generated electricity from sound energy.

32) DIODE ACTION OR SWITCHING: To forward\reverse biasing of diode.

33) LC OSCILLATOR. To construct oscillator using LC Circuit and to study frequency

variation by changing the value of L or C.

34) RESISTANCE SERIES\PARALLEL: To study toe ohm’s law using two equal value


35) PRODUCTION OF INDUCED EMF: To study that a Solenoid coil and Bar magnet

can produced the induced e.m.f.

36) RECTIFIER USING AC: To study Rectification of alternation current and effect of

different type of filters.

37) PHOTOCONDUCTIVE CELL: To study response of Photoconductive Cell to wave

lenghtand intensity of light

.38) TRANSFORMER WORKING: The working of transformer can be show by using a

simple transformer.

39) WHEAT STONE BRIDGE: To construct and study a Wheat Stone Bridge and to find

out the unknown value of Resistance

.40) KIRCHOFF’S LAW: Kirchoff’s law with the combination of resistance.

41) TRANSISTOR DC AMPLIFIER: Application of transistor under (CE, CC,CB)

configuration….(any one).

42) ZENER DEODE REGULATION: To study the effect of zener.








48) ALL GATES IN ONE (combine model of 5 gates)

49) DIGITAL CIRCUITS: [a] Binary to decimal.

[b] Decimal to Binary.

[c] Hex to Binary

50) TIME SWITCH: It switches on\off connected appliance after adjusted time delay.

51) DANCING LIGHTS: Six LED’S dance and capture the attention from distance.

52) CLAP SWITCH: Switch on the bulb with the sound of clap.

53) LIGHT ACTIVATED SWITCH: A bulb connected becomes ‘ON’&’goes OFF’ in

day time.

54) METAL DETECTOR: It detects ferro metal to it sensor coil and gives alarm


55) RAIN ALARM: An audio alarm blows when rain drops fall on the sensor.

56) FENCE ALARM: Alarm blows whenever someone tries to cut the fencing

.57) FIRE ALARM: Using Bi-metallic strip+electronic circuit.

58) SOLAR COOKER: (a)7*5


59) WIND MILL: (a) Simple type

(b) Water lifting (Actual)

(c) Electricity Generation

(d) Wind mill with village

60) DAM: (a) simple type

(b) 3D+decorative

61) INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE: (a) With motor and spark plug.

(b) With simple piston movement.

62) AC GENERATOR\MOTOR (Any One): Using magnet and coil

63) DC MOTOR: Using magnet and coil.

64) ELECTROMAGNET: Copper wire wound on the nut.

65) MAGNETIC CRANE: Nail electromagnet with mechanical crane.

66) SIMPLE ELECTRIC CIRCUIT: Simple circuit using bulb.

67) QUIZ GAME: If combination is right light is on, matching game.

68) FIRE ALARM: Using electronic buzzer.

69) ELECTRONIC CONDUCTOR MODEL: It test good\bad conductor.

70) BIOLOGICAL BATTERY: Electricity generation by lemon or potato.

71) DRY CELL: Using chemicals.

72) MAGNETIC SEPERATOR: (a)Simple type, separate the iron from dust.

(b)Motorized, separate the iron from dust.


74) SOLAR SYSTEM: (a) Simple with sunlight.

(b)All planets movement (motorized).

75) SOLAR ECLIPSE\LUNER ECLIPSE: (a) Simple with balls and sunlight.

(b) Motorized control

76) KELEIDOSCOPE: The reflection of light with 3 glass arrangement.

77) SLIDE PROJECTOR: Using one magnifier lens+220v focus bulb.

78) SPECTRUM DISC: Multicolor disc rotate on motor.

79) TELESCOPE: Using two lenses, convex and concave.

80) PERISCOPE: Using two mirrors, fitted on a rectangular tall box.

81) MICROSCOPE: A double lense based on to magnify slide image.

82) ANGLE i = ANGLE r

83) PRESSURE METER: The air pressure can be used to weigh.

84) SPRING BALANCE: A simple spring type weight measuring gadget.

85) JOULE’S EXPERIMENT: Model shows the exp. setup using motor

86) HYDRAULIC LIFT: Car lifting system normally used in service stations.

87) LAWS OF MOTION: The arrangement shows three laws of motion.

88) SIMPLE CRANE PULLY: The pully arrangement to lift goods.

89) WATER FILTER PLANT: A simple process to filter the contaminated water.

90) GENERATION OF WAVES: (a) Using balls.

(b)Using motor.

91) GENERATION OF SOUND: (a) Jal Tarang.

(b)Electronic Organ.



REACTION…. (Any One).

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